Greg O’Toole

MBChB MD FRCS(plast)

Ear Reconstruction and Cosmetic Ear Surgeon

Mr Greg O’Toole trained in Oxford, Sydney and Paris. He is among the world's most experienced ear reconstruction surgeons.

Dr O’Toole has redefined prominent ear correction surgery with his minimalist “earStitch” procedure. Dr Greg O’Toole has vast experience in ear reduction surgery, reverse otoplasty, helical rim augmentation and earlobe reduction.

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"Greg is a great communicator and clearly an outstanding surgeon. If he agrees the EarStitch procedure is right for you, you’re unlikely to find a less invasive and more effective option. Over the two week recovery period there will be swelling and some ‘play’ in the stitches. They will appear too close at first, one may pop out more than the other for a brief period, one may stay swollen for longer etc. Try and ignore the position for the first two weeks, follow Greg’s advice carefully, and remember two things you can draw comfort from: - Greg is highly adept at predicting the final position of your ears, so place your trust in his experience. The result is more than likely to be excellent. - Don’t concern yourself with how others will respond. Following the two week recovery period: hardly anyone (in my case not a single person) will notice that you’ve had a procedure on your ears. People might notice you 'look different' but are unlikely to know why. If you no longer want protruding ears and you have the money and the time: I highly recommend Greg and the EarStitch procedure."

"It took me 20 years to finally pluck up the courage to have my earlobes reduced and I am so grateful that I found Gregg O’Ttoole to help me go through with the procedure. From the consultation to the stitch removal, he was laid back, non judgemental and most importantly he allowed me to let him know what I wanted and was then guided by that. It was a much more enjoyable experience than I ever thought it would be. If you’re thinking of having ear surgery then Gregg O’Toole is your guy."

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