Scar Management & Physiotherapy/Semi-Permanent Makeup

An effective way to provide enhanced, lasting features. Semi-permanent makeup allows you to transform your natural features using a gentle form of tattooing.

Semi-permanent makeup also known as permanent makeup and micro pigmentation, offers the opportunity for enhanced features that last.

With eyebrows featuring heavily in fashion trends, people want brows that are fuller, suited to their face shape whilst still retaining the natural look. Brows can be defined, shaped, elongated or arched, whatever suits you and your style, we can incorporate into the design.

Eyes can also be transformed through permanent eye definition and eyeliner with a variety of stunning looks that will make you look great without smudging or the need for application and removal. Liner can be subtle, enhancing, uplifting and elongating, your shape and style will be taken into consideration when perfecting your look.

You can kiss goodbye to thin, asymmetrical or undefined lips through semi-permanent makeup that naturally enhances your lip definition, adds colour and corrects your shape.

Working with current trends, the treatments and techniques are constantly evolving. Semi-permanent make up should deliver beautiful results whilst looking natural and enhancing your features. We have developed our own innovative approach to eyebrow tattooing which does just that; frames and focuses on your eyes, and results in a natural looking texture with a flattering shape.

You need advice on the semi-permanent makeup look that’s right for you, not purely based on fashion.

Semi-permanent makeup is a gentle form of tattooing, which is also known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing – they are all the same treatment. A digital rotary handpiece is used to skilfully implant pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin.

Many different effects, styles and colours can be achieved taking into consideration skin tone, condition and texture. Pigment, for instance, can be implanted to mimic brow hair by adding hairstrokes to sparse brows to give the illusion of thicker, more uniformed eyebrows. Powder brows can be achieved to give a soft brow effect. Your desired brow effect will be discussed as part of your consultation and, yet again, dependent on your skin and lifestyle, will dictate what effect is best for you.

Semi-permanent makeup is a two-step procedure. At the first appointment we will discuss the procedure, your expectations, what can be achieved and carry out the first treatment. The first appointment takes approximately 2 hours. After this first appointment there is a healing period of 4 weeks, and then a retouch appointment approximately 4-8 weeks later.
The retouch appointment allows us to see how your skin has retained the pigment and the adjustments needed, to give you the desired healed result.

There are a variety of benefits associated with semi-permanent makeup. Semi-permanent makeup will allow more time in the morning for what you really want to do – no more drawing in your brows, trying to make them even and natural. 

You can enjoy swimming, holidaying in hot climates, going to the gym – no more worrying about the brows smudging or being wiped off, panicking because you’re having a hot flush and wiping your face to see a brown smudge on your hand.

Additionally, eyebrows are a nightmare to pencil in if you’re a spectacle wearer. Semi-permanent makeup is a godsend for those that have sensitivities to everyday makeup and products, those with poor eyesight, those that have lost their brow hair through chemotherapy, stress, lifestyle, alopecia and other auto immune conditions. 

The results will last from 1-4 years, but it will fade over time. Dry skin retains pigment better than oily skin.  There are lots of other factors to take into account – lifestyle, stress, skin conditions, medical conditions, if you’re a smoker and/or a sun worshipper all have an effect on your skin and therefore will dictate how long your enhancement lasts. 

Skin is unique to each person. the same pigment colour can be implanted into three people and each one will heal and retain pigment differently. It is advisable to have a Colour Boost when you start to notice you’re filling the brows in, adding to your liner, or wearing lip stick again, or when you notice the colour is approximately 50% faded. For the best long-term effect don’t leave it until all the colour is gone. 

Procedure Overview 

  • Semi-permanent makeup allows you to enhance your natural features using a gentle form of tattooing
  • Pigment is implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin
  • Semi-permanent makeup typically lasts 1 to 4 years
  • Anaesthetic can be used if you find the procedure particularly painful
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert specialist in this area 


Semi-permanent makeup can feel a little scratchy and tender by the end of the session, but it shouldn’t be painful. Anaesthetic can be used to monitor your own pain threshold and your practitioner will guide you through this. Many people find it soothing and will often fall asleep during the procedure. 

Semi-permanent makeup cannot be performed if you are: 

  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • Six weeks pre or post chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Keloid scarring
  • Advanced diabetes
  • Roaccutance usage in the previous six months
  • Blood Thinners

"I went to Kim to get my eyebrows tattooed and have loved them ever since. For someone who doesn’t have much eyebrow hair, this has been AMAZING. I’m always receiving compliments on how amazing my eyebrows look and this is all thanks for Kim. The shape and colour is always perfect and look so natural."

"I wanted to thank you for a remarkable job and lovely personality. It was a pleasure meeting you."

"Kim was extremely professional and put me at ease when I had my eyebrows done. Kim made my eyebrows look amazing and I would highly recommend Kim. "


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