Psychology & Well-being/Making decision to have surgery

Make the decision to have surgery or not with a one-off session with our Resident Counsellor

For many patients, finding someone neutral to talk to about your decision to have a cosmetic procedure can be challenging. Many patients feel guilty, anxious or are influenced by a myriad of external pressures – such as friends and family, cultural or religious considerations and the ever-increasing pressures on social media of what constitutes the aesthetic idyll. Unsurprisingly this can have a huge impact on our self-esteem and on what we consider to be ‘normal’ or’ acceptable’.

We want to give you the opportunity to explore your decision to have a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure or treatment on your own terms, offering you a safe and confidential space to think about your feelings and motivations for having surgery, your emotional readiness and preparedness for recovery; your understanding of potential risks; as well as what you think having the procedure will bring to your life. So that if you do go ahead, you can be confident that you have considered all angles carefully and feel that it is the right thing for you to do.

We believe that when these things are in place and under the very special care of our specialist consultants, having a cosmetic procedure can enhance certain aspects of your life.

Price: £200 per session (typically 50 mins)

Our Resident Counsellor says:

‘’This is where I can help you.  I have been working with patients who have been considering having cosmetic or plastic surgery for 15 years. I am fully trained in the full range of facial and body procedures, including specialised procedures, such as vaginal reconstruction, breast reconstruction post breast cancer, and the revision of self-harm scars or scars caused by attacks or accidents.

I understand the implications of surgery, from selecting the right surgeon, the qualification process, the divergent approaches and methods of surgery, the risks, the limitations, the recovery and the emotional, physical and financial implications.

You may have already had surgery that did not go to plan and might be suffering and want a safe space to process your feelings and how it has affected your life and relationships.

I am here to act in your best interests, to facilitate your exploration of what having surgery will mean to you, so that you can come to your own decision about what is right for you and move forwards.”

Psychotherapy session, woman talking to his psychologist in the studio

"Counselling made me realise that surgery was not going to impact my life as radically as I had hoped. I needed to look inwards and make changes there. Surgery was not a quick fix solution for me and I’m grateful for what I’ve discovered about myself. Maybe one day I will decide to have surgery afterall, but not now.’"

"I was absolutely torn about whether to go ahead with my tummy tuck. Part of me was so excited and convinced it was the right thing to do so I could finally be rid of the excess skin after significant weight loss. But when I talked to friends and family the other part of me felt guilty and scared. Whilst they were acted out of love, their opinions made me feel I was being overly vain. Having the chance to talk about my feelings with Amber over a few sessions helped sort out my real feelings from other people’s and to look at things from a grounded perspective. I had my tummy tuck procedure six months ago now, and went in fully prepared for the recovery with realistic expectations. I haven’t looked back… I truly feel like me again. I think I would still be here feeling down about myself and changing my mind every few weeks if not. Thank you so much."


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