Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Breast Implant Removal

Procedure to remove unwanted or dangerous breast implants

Following breast implants, some patients decide they simply no longer want them, or in other cases, they need to be removed for medical reasons.

Breast implants are a very popular treatment, but sometimes women prefer smaller breasts. In those cases, it might happen that the previous implants are removed and the is breast reconstructed with different implants.

Also, breast implant removal is not always an aesthetic choice. Complications with implants can occur and these implants may need to be removed to avoid further problems.

Due to the limited lifetime of implants, it is not uncommon that women need to have implants removed. In those procedures, the surrounding tissue may also be removed in order to maintain an aesthetically desirable breast size and shape.

After around 10-15 years, implants can begin to cause discomfort due to the hardening of the scar tissue surrounding it. The implants may also lose their original shape requiring removal to administer new implants.

Recovery from breast implant removal surgery

Similar to breast augmentation procedures, breast implant removal does require significant downtime to ensure effective healthy healing of the area.

Patients may also feel the area sore and tender for 2 weeks after surgery as the breast are not used to the new implants.

For many women, after years of having implants, the scar tissue surrounding them can build up and cause the implants to move slightly, leading to discomfort, as well as aesthetic concerns. As implants have a limited life span of 10-15 years, it is not uncommon that women must have these removed in exchange for new implants.

In other cases, breast implants can cause health risks for women, and in extreme cases, they can rupture. In both scenarios, it is important to remove the implants. Other women, may no longer be happy with the size of their breasts as their aesthetic preference changes and opt to have implants removed and return to their original size.

Breast implant removal is known to be a more complex surgery than the original surgery where implants were inserted. The original scar from breast augmentation will be extended allowing your surgeon to effectively remove the implant along with surrounding scar tissue. In cases of rupture, the surgeon will also aim to remove excess silicone in the breast area. Following this removal, the incision will be closed using dissolvable sutures.

Following breast implant removal surgery, you should avoid activity for the first week to allow the area to begin proper healing. Light activity can be resumed after around 2 weeks and driving can be resumed after around 3 weeks. However, physical activity should be avoided until 6 weeks post-surgery. Significant discomfort should not extend longer than 2 weeks and bruising should begin to alleviate after 2-3 weeks.

During the breast implant removal procedure, you will be heavily sedated and therefore no pain or discomfort should be felt. Following the procedure, you will feel some pain and discomfort in the area as the wounds and surrounding skin begin to heal.

Procedure Overview

  • Cosmetic and functional procedure to remove undesired or unsafe breast implants and the surrounding tissue
  • Many different reasons for implants to be removed including aesthetic preference and medical concerns
  • Typical procedure takes around 2 and a half hours
  • Done under heavy sedation and local anaesthetic
  • Significant physical activity should be avoided for 6 weeks post-surgery however work can be resumed after 2 weeks
  • Typical procedure costs £3,500
  • Other procedures such as a breast lift (mastopexy) may be considered in order to tighten the skin in the breast and achieve an aesthetically more desirable look
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert specialist in this area
Man showing a silicon prosthesis

A typical breast implant removal takes around 2 and a half hours to complete.

Due to the removal of the implant, results are permanent. However, due to the stretching of the skin as a result of the implants, a breast lift (mastopexy) may be desired in order to tighten the skin around the breast and gain a more aesthetically pleasing shape and size.

The price for a breast implant removal starts from approximately £3,500 which includes both consultant and facility fees. The total cost will be confirmed following the initial consultation.

"When my consultant asked if I’d considered having a few sessions with the counsellor alongside my procedure, I was actually really keen. Mental health is so important, it felt like a good thing for me to do. We talked about my expectations of having the breast augmentation and it helped me realise that whilst it would improve for me the way I felt about myself, I also needed to work on other issues within me to work out issues in my relationship. It’s been so helpful. Thank you."


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