Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Split Earlobe

Procedure to repair split earlobes, allowing patients to feel confident and satisfied with their ears

Heavy earrings can lead to intense strain on the earlobes causing them to stretch and sometimes split. Additionally, sometimes earrings can be ripped out of the ear leading to split earlobes.

A variety of other trauma can occur to the ears leading to the splitting of the lobes and, subsequently, the desire to have your split earlobes repaired.

Split earlobe repair

Not aesthetically appealing, split earlobes may also be painful. However, they are simple and easy to fix and give patients back their confidence in their physical appearance. The procedure takes around 30 minutes, and patients can leave shortly after the surgery. Also, scarring should be minimal and discreet, allowing patients to feel confident and satisfied with their repaired ear lobes.

Split earlobes treatment options

There are alternative options to fix the problem of split earlobes if the condition is not severe. Dermal fillers can be used to address damage to an earlobe. However, without full surgery, completely split earlobes cannot be fixed.

To avoid a full split to the earlobe, heavy earrings should be avoided so as not to stretch, leading to a possible split. For some individuals, heavy earrings will not lead to earlobe splitting. However, individuals with weaker skin may suffer from splitting as a result.

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Split earlobe can be caused following trauma, such as tearing of the earlobe or extreme weight being applied. Also, an earlobe can split during sports or some type of accident. As a result, patients may choose to have split earlobe repair surgery in order to regain confidence in their physical appearance and become more comfortable and much happier with the shape of their earlobes.

During the split earlobe repair procedure, your surgeon will mark out the section that must be removed to reshape and size the earlobe. Once this section is removed, the small wound will be cauterised to control and stop any bleeding. After this, the split areas of the earlobe can be stitched back together, allowing the earlobe to form a natural and whole shape. The sides will begin to heal together while the stitches hold the desired structure. After 7 to 10 days, these stitches can be removed, revealing a newly repaired earlobe.

Procedure Overview 

  • Cosmetic procedure to repair a split or damaged earlobe
  • Earlobes can incur significant damage, including splitting as a result of trauma and heavy piercings leading to significant pressure stretching the piercing
  • Quick and convenient procedure as no significant downtime is necessary
  • Permanent results as the earlobe is fixed into its new position using stitches
  • Typical procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete
  • The site may feel slightly tight and sore as it begins to heal
  • Patients can have just one ear or both done during the same treatment
  • Typical procedure costs £1,250
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert specialist in this area

Following split earlobe repair, you may experience some discomfort and pain in the surrounding area for around two weeks – when stitches are usually removed and the area begins to heal. There may be slight tightness around the site as the stitches fuse the split skin together. Some swelling or bruising may remain for 1-2 weeks post-surgery. Intense and heavy physical activity should be avoided for around 4-6 weeks post-surgery to allow optimal healing and prevent any complications.

During the split earlobe repair procedure, you will be given a local anaesthetic; therefore, no pain or discomfort will be felt. After surgery, the area may be tender, and some pain and discomfort are likely to be felt. However, this should ease around a week post-surgery as the site begins to heal properly.

A typical split earlobe repair procedure takes around 30 minutes.

The split earlobe repair procedure results are permanent because the skin is stitched into a new and fixed position. Following treatment, it may be possible to have earlobes pierced again. In this case, there is a chance that the lobes may split again in reaction to heavy earrings. Piercing should be avoided until at least six months following surgery to ensure the site has healed and can handle being pierced again without the chance of splitting.

The price for a split earlobe repair starts from approximately £1,250 which includes both consultant and facility fees. The total cost will be confirmed following the initial consultation.

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"Greg is a great communicator and clearly an outstanding surgeon. If he agrees the EarStitch procedure is right for you, you’re unlikely to find a less invasive and more effective option. Over the two week recovery period there will be swelling and some ‘play’ in the stitches. They will appear too close at first, one may pop out more than the other for a brief period, one may stay swollen for longer etc. Try and ignore the position for the first two weeks, follow Greg’s advice carefully, and remember two things you can draw comfort from: - Greg is highly adept at predicting the final position of your ears, so place your trust in his experience. The result is more than likely to be excellent. - Don’t concern yourself with how others will respond. Following the two week recovery period: hardly anyone (in my case not a single person) will notice that you’ve had a procedure on your ears. People might notice you 'look different' but are unlikely to know why. If you no longer want protruding ears and you have the money and the time: I highly recommend Greg and the EarStitch procedure."

"Attended this clinic four times. Always a pleasant experience. Friendly staff and immaculately clean. Highly recommend Mr Greg O’Toole for ear surgery – LT "


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