Scar Management & Physiotherapy/Subcision

Subcision can be very effective treatment to improve the appearance of acne scarring

Subcision, also known as subcutaneous incisionless surgery, is a treatment used to improve ice-pick, rolling and pitted scars. Scar subcision is commonly used for acne scarring however can be used for scarring all over the body that may be tethered to fibrotic tissue.  

The aim of subcision is to release the tethering that is present which is pulling the scarring inwards attaching to the subcutaneous tissue so that the scars volume may improve and become more even. This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and patients may require anywhere between one to four treatments dependent on the severity of the scarring.

The results from the acne scar subcision treatment can last for years however the procedure may need to be repeated for optimal results.

There may be swelling and bruising following the subcision treatment however this should settle down within a week.

Whilst subcision can provide effective results on its own, some patients whose scarring may be deeper may benefit from pairing a filler treatment to give the skin that extra boost to create as flat appearance as possible.

Procedure Overview

  • Surgical technique to flatten and improve the appearance of scarring 
  • Typical recovery period of 1-2 weeks 
  • Performed by highly skilled, specialist plastic surgeon or dermatologist with expertise scar treatments 
  • Tethered scars, acne scarring such as ice-pick or rolling

"Saw Mr Ioannis Goutos for a scar on my hand using my insurance. Had a full hour with the doctor, which I believe is unusually long for a Harley street appointment, in a good way. I felt all my questions were answered. Questions I didn’t even know I had were also answered. I will use this same service for scars from any future surgeries. Thank you again!"

"Mr Young has provided an excellent all-through service. From confirmatory diagnosis, through arranging hasty intervention and excellent after care, his care for my welfare and attention to detail has been exemplary. He has provided clear information and advice, at an appropriate level of detail, answering my questions attentively. He coached me to self-care for the later stages of my healing process. My experience has also benefited from an excellent support (both administrative and nursing) team at 152 Harley Street."


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