Psychology & Well-being/Introduction to Psychology & Well-being services

Your emotional and psychological health are at the heart of everything we do

At 152 Harley Street, we care about the whole of you and see you as a whole person. Our approach to your care, from your first contact with us to every aspect of your aftercare, is unique. We value you for the person you are, far beyond the procedure that you are having. We understand that every one of our patients has a unique set of life circumstances and experiences, feelings and emotions and that your procedure or treatment has a unique meaning to you.


At 152 Harley Street, we have your well-being at the heart of everything we do. We feel it is not enough to focus on the physical aspect of your treatment and that your emotional and psychological health are equally important to your happiness and well-being.


We are proud to be the first clinic with a Resident Counsellor who specialises in cosmetic surgery and body image counselling as well as offering general counselling. It means we can offer you a wide a range of counselling options in-clinic and online.


We also have relationships with psychologists, CBT therapists, psycho-sexual therapists, clinical psychiatrists and nutritionists, so we can always seamlessly link you to expert support for your individual care, depending on your wants and needs and your treatment journey.

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"I got to the point where I literally hated looking in the mirror. My eyes had gone from being my best feature to being hooded and tired looking, seemingly overnight. My husband and I had divorced 18 months before, and the stress was really affecting my appearance and how I felt about myself. Having the counselling sessions alongside my surgery gave me such a boost and a focus about what I wanted for the rest of my life, a sense of new direction. It feels like a new start for me."

"I am in my sixties, was it really the thing to do to have a facelift or was I mad?! I needed help in working out where I was in my life and what was important to me, both inside and out. The counselling sessions gave me exactly that. It was great to do have it there as a support whilst I went through the whole process of planning and having my facelift. Fantastic service, thank you!"


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