Non-Surgical Aesthetics/Facial Ageing and Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation procedures increase self-confidence and give you a more youthful appearance

Facial ageing and rejuvenation treatment is a combination of procedures that reduces ageing signs. It is usually performed in older patients, but it is also an option for younger patients that are starting to see fine wrinkles and the effects of the ageing process.  

As part of the ageing process our skin progressively loses its elasticity and our facial muscles tend to slacken. The effects of gravity, smoking, sun exposure along with the stresses of daily life can all be seen in our faces. As skin loses its elasticity fine wrinkles develop around the lips, at the outer corners of the eyes and in lines of expression.  

Also, as ageing progresses these wrinkles deepen, smile lines become more noticeable, the corners of the mouth droop, the jaw line sags and the skin of the neck becomes slack. Around the eyes, the brow droops, the skin of the eyelids gathers in loose folds and eyelid bags may form.  

While ageing, people may also often look tired. However, the rate at which the face ages, varies greatly. Ageing of the face may not reflect how we feel about ourselves. Yet, many people feel frustrated or depressed about the ageing face they see in the mirror.

Skin rejuvenation procedures 

Facial rejuvenation may help the way we feel about ourselves as well as make us look younger. There are many procedures available to rejuvenate the face. Some, such as facelifts, brow lifts and blepharoplasties involve surgery. Others involve non-surgical techniques such as skin peels, dermal filler injections and specialist skincare products. 

It is important to choose treatments that will maintain facial harmony and maintain a youthful appearance. At 152 Harley Street, an important part of our patient consultation involves discussing the way in which their face has aged and treatment options to produce a harmonious, natural and pleasing result.

Our facial rejuvenation procedure helps you to have a more youthful appearance and increases self-confidence.

"I am extremely pleased with the treatment I received from Mr. Young. He made me feel at ease and explained everything in a clear manner both prior to and during the procedure. First-class experience and I would thoroughly recommend him."

"5 stars don't do justice to Dr Ezra, I would have given him 10. He performed revision upper blepharoplasty and eye bags removal on me. Compared to my first surgery years ago, I healed 10 times faster with minimum bruising this time. His skill, precision, genuine care for his patients and his aftercare nurse team are absolutely unparalleled. I cannot recommend Dr Daniel Ezra enough. I have never felt this confident and beautiful. Entrusting him with my eyes is one of my best and proudest decisions."

"Dr Al-Niaimi is an experienced and knowledgeable Dermatologist who truly values his patients. His work is outstanding and he has an amazing bedside manner. Most recently I went to him to have laser and Botox injection. I couldn’t be happier with the results. He did a tremendous job. I looked refreshed without it looking overdone. My experience as a patient was exceptional and I would highly recommend his work."


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