Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Cheek Augmentation

Procedure to enforce a plumper look in the cheekbones allowing a more contoured and defined face

Cheek augmentation is a popular procedure done to add volume to the area surrounding the cheekbones, creating a plumper look and allowing a more contoured and defined face.

Many methods are used to perform cheek augmentation, and at 152 Harley Street, we offer two treatments: filler and fat transfer.

These non-surgical procedures are extremely popular treatments to rejuvenate and alter your face’s shape because they allow a much more defined and youthful look with minimal downtime and no surgery.

Cheek augmentation in London

During your initial consultation with one of our expert specialists, they will be able to best advise you on how to reach your own personal goals and expectations. During your treatment, a few areas surrounding the cheeks may be injected to best achieve your desired outcome.

Results from filler and fat transfer can usually be seen immediately following the procedure. However, both procedures require some time to settle and display the results. Therefore, full results can usually take a few days to be visible, taking up to a month for swelling to reduce and the fillers/fat transfer to settle.

Cheek fillers are a very popular and effective treatment to enhance and define cheekbones. Many patients are unhappy with the shape and definition of their natural facial structure, and cheek fillers can act as a quick and effective method to add more volume to the cheekbones allowing a more contoured structure and shape. In addition to this, cheek fillers are also popular to ensure facial symmetry. Some patients naturally have an unsymmetrical face, and so cheek fillers can be used to enforce symmetry and improve aesthetic appearance.

During the cheek augmentation procedure using filler, a hyaluronic acid-based filler is injected into the cheekbone area, allowing for a greater volume to be added, making the cheekbones more defined and prominent.

When using fat transfer, fat is collected from the thigh or abdominal area and injected into the cheekbone area, similarly to the fillers.

For around a week after cheek augmentation, you should be cautious of the treated area and be careful not to touch it excessively. Due to the nature of the filler treatments, recovery is short and should not cause any excessive pain or discomfort.

During the procedure you will be under local anaesthetic and therefore no pain or discomfort should be felt. After the procedure, you may experience some pain, discomfort and swelling. However, this should pass after a few days.

Procedure Overview 

  • Cosmetic procedure to add more volume to the cheekbones area, allowing a more defined and contoured facial structure
  • Allows patients to feel more confident in their facial definition and structure
  • Non-surgical procedure meaning the results are very quick with minimal downtime
  • Typical procedure takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete
  • Cheek augmentation with fillers last around 4 – 6 months
  • Cheek augmentation with fat transfer is more permanent as they are not dissolvable
  • Typical procedure costs around £2000
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert specialist in this area
A scene of medical cosmetology treatments botulinum injection. High quality photo

Depending on whether you have fat transfer or fillers, the cheek augmentation procedure can take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Cheek augmentation results last around 4-6 months. Fillers begin to dissolve over time, so it is important to repeat the fillers to maintain a strong and permanent look. When it comes to fat transfer, as this does not dissolve, the results from this are more permanent. However, sometimes top up procedures are necessary as some of the fat may disappear.

The price for a cheek augmentation procedure varies between patients, and the total cost will be confirmed following the initial consultation.

"I was extremely pleased with Miss Ali's entire bedside manner. She is kindhearted, incredibly professional and answered all of the questions I had in great detail. The care and attention provided could not have been at a higher standard. During my consultation I felt very comfortable and relaxed in what could have been a very anxious and uncomfortable experience. Miss Ali went above and beyond my expectations and I am truly thankful for everything she has done for me. I couldn't recommend Miss Ali enough!"


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