Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Pubic Lift (Monsplasty)

Procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance and remove the excess fat and tissue from the pubic area (mons pubis)

A pubic lift, also known as a monsplasty, is a surgical procedure which aims to remove the excess tissue and skin from the pubic area. The excess fat and tissue are specifically excised from the mons pubis, which describes the tissue in front of the pubic bones.

There are a variety of reasons why a pubic lift may be considered. For many people, the aesthetic appearance of the mons pubis is unappealing so they decide to undergo a pubic lift to improve aesthetic appearance and remove the excess fat and tissue from this area. Excessive fat and tissue can also lead to functional issues, such as an inability to clean and wash the area, which may lead to infection.

Tissue and fat may increase in and around the mons pubis due to eventual sagging of the skin while ageing or significant changes in weight, causing the skin to change in elasticity and build up excess tissue.

A pubic lift is a popular treatment to remove excess fat and tissue from the pubic area (mons pubis). Significant amounts of excess skin and fat can cause aesthetic concerns, which can have a psychological impact on people.

A pubic lift is therefore a necessary treatment to restore psychological wellness and improve patients’ confidence. There can also be some functional issues in terms of cleaning the area if there is a large amount of excess fat and tissue. Failure to clean may lead to infections and other problems with hygiene.

During a pubic lift, any excess fat and tissue is cut out of the area and removed through incisions made in the mons pubis area. The wounds are then closed with dissolvable sutures, allowing them to heal. For some patients, a form of liposuction can be used to remove fat from the mons pubis area during a pubic lift.

Following a pubic lift, it is important to keep physical activity to a minimum for the first two weeks to allow the area to heal effectively. After this time, activity levels can increase slowly since intense physical activity should be avoided for six weeks. Also, patients are likely to feel some discomfort for around two weeks.

Procedure Overview 

  • Cosmetic procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the mons pubis area
  • Excess fat or tissue is removed by excising skin and fat
  • Despite being a cosmetic procedure, a pubic lift can also make the area more comfortable
  • Typical procedure takes around one and a half hours
  • Activity should be kept light and minimal for the first two weeks post-surgery, and more intense activity should be paused until 6 weeks post-surgery
  • Typical procedure costs between £2500 and £5500
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert specialist in this area

During a pubic lift, you will receive local anaesthetic and possibly sedation, so no pain or discomfort will be felt during the procedure. Following the surgery, some pain and discomfort is likely to be felt in and around the area for around three weeks.

The pubic lift procedure takes around one and a half hours to complete.

Pubic lift results are permanent due to excess fat and tissue removal. If the patient maintains a healthy weight, the results will remain permanent.

The price for a pubic lift starts from approximately £2,400 which includes both consultant and facility fees. The total cost will be confirmed following the initial consultation.

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