Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of a protruding abdomen and loss of skin elasticity

By removing excess skin and excess fat whilst strengthening your abdominal wall, an abdominoplasty can give your abdomen a more toned and slimmer appearance.

The tummy tuck procedure strengthens your core which will relieve lower back pain and improve posture, and the treatment will also reduce the risk of certain medical conditions (e.g. heart disease, diabetes and blood clots) whilst improve control over bodily functions that may occur as you get older, or as a result of multiple pregnancies. 

The abdominoplasty procedure is for people who are in relatively good shape and healthy weight, but who are bothered by fat deposits, loose abdominal skin and stretch marks that will not respond to diet or exercise.  

Excess Skin

The surgery is particularly helpful to women who, through multiple pregnancies, have stretched their abdominal muscles and skin beyond the point where they can return to normal. The surgical procedure can also improve loss of skin elasticity in older patients. Women and men also choose to have an abdominoplasty where they have excess skin after experiencing significant changes in weight. 

The type of surgery required varies according to the extent and type of problem. Often a full abdominoplasty is required. Sometimes it is possible to perform a more limited operation. If, for example, your fat deposits are limited to the area below the navel (lower tummy), you may require a less complex procedure called a ‘mini abdominoplasty’.

Tummy Tuck Surgery 

At 152 Harley Street, a tummy tuck is carried out under local anaesthetic in our state-of-the-art day case theatre. You will be able to leave shortly after your tuck surgery procedure but still receive the same thorough and excellent aftercare that you would expect with a general anaesthetic.  

An abdominoplasty and tummy tuck are simply different names for the same cosmetic treatment.

An abdominoplasty will improve the shape of the tummy area (abdomen) creating a more toned and slimmer appearance. This body contouring process will also result in a stronger core which will relieve lower back pain and improve posture, whilst reduce the risk of certain medical conditions and improve control over bodily functions.

During abdominoplasty surgery, loose abdominal muscles are tightened by pulling them close together and stitching them into their new position using dissolvable sutures. This process provides a firmer abdominal wall along with a narrowed waistline. Following this, dressings will be applied, and a temporary drain may also be inserted following a full abdominoplasty which is usually removed the next day. Post-surgery, a tight garment is fitted to support you during recovery.

During an abdominoplasty you will be under deep sedation and therefore no pain or discomfort will be felt during the procedure. After surgery, for the first few days you are likely to feel some pain and discomfort however this can be controlled by medication.

Scarring cause by an abdominoplasty will heal differently in each patient. Scarring should be healed after about 12 weeks, but it can take up to a year for your scarring to completely heal and fade. Our clinics also offer scar management if problems persist beyond the expected healing period.

Procedure Overview 

  • Cosmetic surgery is used to tighten the abdomen area providing an improved shape around the stomach
  • Involves removing excess loose skin and fat from the abdominal area
  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and sedation
  • A typical procedure takes around 1-2 hours
  • Complete recovery can take up to 1 year, however scarring should be healed after around 12 weeks
  • Medication can be prescribed to help with pain and discomfort post-surgery
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert specialist in this area
Young woman with marks on her belly against light background. Concept of plastic surgery

An abdominoplasty can help achieve a much flatter stomach, however, other fat within your body may be preventing a completely flat appearance. Fat such as visceral fat cannot be removed during an abdominoplasty and can only be reduced through exercise, controlled diet and a healthy body mass index.

The procedure should take no more than one to two hours depending on the complexity and size of your stomach. Typically, the more excess skin and fat that must be removed, the longer the procedure will take.

The price for an abdominoplasty starts from approximately £4,500 which includes both consultant and facility fees. The total cost will be confirmed following the initial consultant.

"I was absolutely torn about whether to go ahead with my tummy tuck. Part of me was so excited and convinced it was the right thing to do so I could finally be rid of the excess skin after significant weight loss. But when I talked to friends and family the other part of me felt guilty and scared. Whilst they were acted out of love, their opinions made me feel I was being overly vain. Having the chance to talk about my feelings with Amber over a few sessions helped sort out my real feelings from other people’s and to look at things from a grounded perspective. I had my tummy tuck procedure six months ago now, and went in fully prepared for the recovery with realistic expectations. I haven’t looked back… I truly feel like me again. I think I would still be here feeling down about myself and changing my mind every few weeks if not. Thank you so much."

"Great results. I am a mum of 2 in my early 30’s and had been considering having the ‘mummy makeover’ for a while. I’m so happy I found Miss Tadiparthi. My experience with her and her team was amazing throughout. She explained all the procedures in detail (breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction) and put me at ease with all my concerns. The hospital and nurses were also amazing. I’m only 3 weeks post-surgery and am already healing well and over the moon with my results, it has boosted my confidence. I would highly recommend Miss Tadiparthi."


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