Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/Areola Reduction

Procedure to reduce the diameter of the areola and ensure a natural appearance

Areola reduction is a very popular cosmetic procedure. Many people are not satisfied with the shape and size of their areola and decide to surgically alter them. In addition to its success in altering the size of the areola, areola reduction is also popular as a method of tightening the breast skin surrounding the areola.

Typically, an areola between 40mm and 45mm in diameter is considered to be aesthetically pleasing.

Areola reduction surgery

Areola reduction surgery is quite a simple procedure, which effectively reduces the diameter of the areola by excising some of the surrounding skin. The surgery can help those who are not satisfied with the natural appearance of their nipples, and it can also be used in conjunction with a variety of other procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction.

Following most of these surgeries, the nipples should remain the same and be aesthetically desirable. But, in some cases, the skin’s movements and changes can cause the areola shape and size to also change, leading patients to want their areola surgically reduced.

Another factor for the nipple and areola shape to change is breastfeeding or pregnancy. If an areola reduction is desired following pregnancy, it is important to ensure that you do not want to have more children to optimise results and avoid further surgeries.

Many people are not satisfied with the size and shape of their areola and may choose to have an areola reduction. Despite being a cosmetic procedure, issues with aesthetic appearance can have an impact on psychological health and day-to-day life. Therefore, for many people, the areola reduction procedure is very desirable. Also, other breast-focused surgery can lead to a change in areola shape and size. As a result, areola reduction is commonly done following breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reductions.

During the areola reduction procedure, areola skin is removed from the breast. To do this, your surgeon will excise a ring of skin from the outer area of the areola. When the skin is removed from the areola, the tip of the nipple is pulled downwards to ensure a natural appearance. Following this, the excision site is repaired with dissolvable sutures.

Following areola reduction surgery, you will likely feel some pain and discomfort in the area for around two weeks post-surgery. Activity should be kept light for the first week following surgery, and intense physical activity should be avoided for six weeks to ensure optimal healing. There may be some bruising around the areola area for around three weeks post-surgery, but this should begin to alleviate after this time.

Procedure Overview

  • Cosmetic procedure to alter the size and shape of the areola
  • Very popular procedure as many people are not satisfied with their areola/nipple size
  • Many reasons as to why the areola can be enlarged, such as childbirth, breastfeeding and after other breast-related surgery
  • Typical procedure takes around 1 and a half hours to complete
  • Some pain and discomfort may be felt following the surgery as the area begins to heal
  • Typical procedure costs between £2000 and £3825
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert specialist in this area
Woman hand checking lumps on her breast for signs of breast cancer. Women healthcare concept.

You will receive a local anaesthetic during the areola reduction procedure, so no pain or discomfort will be felt. Following the procedure, you may experience some pain and discomfort as the site begins to heal. However, this should alleviate after around two weeks.

A typical areola reduction procedure takes around one and a half hours to complete.

Results from areola reduction are permanent. In some cases, if women breastfeed or become pregnant after surgery or the individual gains significant weight, the areola size may change after surgery. So, areola reduction is advised after having children.

The price for areola reduction starts from approximately £3,400 which includes both consultant and facility fees. The total cost will be confirmed following the initial consultant.

"Mr Young has provided an excellent all-through service. From confirmatory diagnosis, through arranging hasty intervention and excellent after care, his care for my welfare and attention to detail has been exemplary. He has provided clear information and advice, at an appropriate level of detail, answering my questions attentively. He coached me to self-care for the later stages of my healing process. My experience has also benefited from an excellent support (both administrative and nursing) team at 152 Harley Street."


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