Psychology & Well-being/Well-being before surgery

Putting your emotional and psychological well-being before treatment or surgery

We thought you might like to know that when you come to 152 Harley Street, we have all aspects of your well-being in mind, so please don’t worry if, at any stage of your journey with us, we take the time and care to ask you about your mental and emotional well-being.  That’s just us putting your best interests and safety before treatment, so we can work collaboratively to ensure it’s the right moment for your treatment to begin.

There are times when your consultant might feel that it is in your interest for our Resident Counsellor to check in with you before recommending a consultation or treatment in order to be sure that you are psychologically and emotionally ready.

Our patients tell us that this makes them feel valued and safe, helping to build that essential relationship of trust with their consultant and our clinic.

If your consultant feels this is the case for you, our Resident Counsellor will contact you to discuss your situation in more detail and if necessary, can help you access the proper psychological support until you are ready for treatment.

"When my consultant asked if I’d considered having a few sessions with the counsellor alongside my procedure, I was actually really keen. Mental health is so important, it felt like a good thing for me to do. We talked about my expectations of having the breast augmentation and it helped me realise that whilst it would improve for me the way I felt about myself, I also needed to work on other issues within me to work out issues in my relationship. It’s been so helpful. Thank you."

"I’ve always hated my protruding ears, and had spent ages researching Ottoplasty online but never dared have an actual consultation with a surgeon. It sounds a bit foolish, but I was worried that I might upset my family by having the surgery, as my Father and my sisters all have the same protruding ears as me. Having the chance to discuss all of this with Amber helped me get a perspective and also helped me get the confidence to tell my family what I wanted to do. As it turned out, I need not have been so worried about their reactions. I’d imagined hurting them, but in actual fact, they were just happy for me. I did go ahead and have my procedure and now I can wear my hair up with confidence whenever I like – therapy also taught me a lot about myself in the process. I’m super happy with the outcome."


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