Psychology & Well-being/Short term counselling

Make sure your emotional and psychological health are taken care of with 152 Harley Street

You don’t need to be in crisis to have counselling, and at 152 Harley Street, we understand the value of making time for your emotional and psychological health.

If there are any aspects of your body image or self-esteem that you might like to explore alongside your treatment with us, then we can arrange this for you.

Simply ask the Reception team at your next visit to us, telephone 0207 467 3000 or complete a contact us form if you prefer. We will then arrange an initial complimentary 15-minute session with our Resident Counsellor to discuss how you might work together and to book your sessions either face-to-face at 152 Harley Street or online.

We would recommend a course of 6 sessions as a minimum to look deeper into your motivation for having treatment and broader elements of your body image, self-esteem and happiness.

Price: £150 per session (typically 50 mins)

"Yay! The counselling was brilliant, the results of surgery are brilliant, and I am thrilled! Double win"

"Having the kids literally changed my body and there was nothing I could do about the state of my tummy afterwards, other than surgery. My husband wanted me to be happy but was really anti surgery and scared of the risks. I wanted to weigh it all up with somebody and sort it out in my mind so that I could be sure surgery would be the right thing for my family. I was mostly terrified on the anaesthetic and the impact of the recovery. In the end, after having a course of six exploratory sessions with Amber, I decided against it. It’s not the right moment in our lives right now and I feel happy with the choice I made and the support Amber gave me during the process. "


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