Phil Briggs

Skin Camouflage Practitioner

Experienced skin camouflage practitioner to cover visible skin conditions including vitiligo, scarring, melasma, birthmarks, self-harm scars 

Dr. Phil Briggs is a Skin Camouflage Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in helping people improve their confidence with the use of skin camouflage creams. Skin camouflage creams are skin coloured medical creams which can be mixed to find an exact skin colour match and used to cover visible skin conditions such as scarring, melasma, vitiligo, birthmarks, rosacea and many more. They can be used by any age or gender.

Dr. Briggs is a committee member of The British Association of Skin Camouflage from where he obtained a Diploma in Skin Camouflage Techniques. Dr. Briggs also completed a two year Higher National Diploma in Specialist Make-up at The London College of Fashion in 1997. 

In line with this, Dr. Phil Briggs keeps up-to-date with the latest products coming to market and is constantly learning and discovering new techniques to cover or reduce the appearance of skin conditions. 

Dr. Briggs is a Bond Solon qualified Expert Witness and provides medico-legal reports in skin camouflage as part of accident or injury claims which have resulted in scarring or a visible change in appearance. 

He has worked with The Katie Piper Foundation helping burns survivors to reduce the appearance of remaining scarring and has provided skin camouflage consultations to clients who have flown internationally to see him. 

Dr. Briggs also works as a television make-up artist and has provided on-screen make-up for high-profile celebrities and the Royal Family. 


"Phil, thanks so much for the consultation today. I was so impressed with what you achieved and truly this was the first sight of “me” since 2021. It means a lot, thank you again."

"A session with Phil was a fantastic experience. Most importantly for me, he was entirely non-judgmental and approachable. He listened to what my priorities were and was genuine about the results we would expect. It was a really fun, enjoyable afternoon and I’ve gained confidence thanks to the look he created (a look I can now recreate too). The email he sent afterwards with comprehensive product advice and skin camouflage and make-up instructions was invaluable!"

Book an appointment today by calling +44 (0) 20 7467 3000.

To pay for your consultation and treatment we welcome patients who wish to self-fund, have private health insurance or wish to explore finance options.


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