Kimberley Cairns


Integrative Psychologist

Kimberley is a highly experienced psychologist with a specialism within body image and trauma

Kimberley is an integrative psychologist committed to addressing complex mental health challenges in the interest of public health protection. Kimberley is a member of the British Psychological Society and Psychological Professionals Network with a special interest in body image and trauma. After completing a master’s degree in psychology, Kimberley secured her first role in mental health at the world-famous Priory in Altrincham. Initially, she worked with adult addictions, later moving into the care of young people with eating disorders, igniting a passion for helping those battling negative body image.

Kimberley works alongside leading providers of private mental health where her expertise and compassionate approach is represented in Multi-Disciplinary-Teams nationwide. Kimberley oversees the strategic development of the mental health framework at 152 Harley Street and The London Scar Clinic, and also business development at Sanctum Healthcare, Cheshire.

Recognising the complex needs of the industry, Kimberley established The Aesthetic Wellness Foundation in the interest of public health protection for anyone psychologically affected from an aesthetic experience.

Kimberley has acted as a clinical advisor to the Government on the issues of regulation and last year, she helped put a law in place that made it illegal for underage patients to have fillers.

Kimberley is committed to improving standards of care and treatment outcomes within the aesthetic and non-surgical cosmetic sector and has internationally collaborated with many clinics, practitioners, physicians, academics, manufacturers, educators, professional associations, and media companies pioneering psycho-aesthetic principles of care.

Kimberley shares unique insights combining her experience working in complex settings, including acute mental health, early intervention, crisis care, education, academia, the voluntary and private healthcare sector. Kimberley delivers evidenced-based harm reduction approaches for the effective, safe, and ethical integration of psycho-social and emotional approaches for the non-surgical cosmetic sector.

Kimberley was recently selected to join the Aesthetic Journal Peer Review Panel representing her expertise in psychology. In 2021, Kimberley was appointed to the faculty at The City of London Dental School, accredited by the University of Bolton to deliver the psychology module within the level 7, MSc Facial Aesthetics programme.

Additionally, Kimberley is privileged to hold numerous voluntary sector positions, including her role as a volunteer crisis clinician and executive lead for Heads Up CIO, providing disaster response and psychological relief since 2017. Kimberley was elected Patient Trustee to the JCCP (Aesthetic Journal Peer Review Panel) in 2022, and has worked with them since 2018 as a member of the Clinical Advisory Group and Fitness to Practice Panel.


"Kimberley has unlocked a new potential in me that I never knew I had. I have a deeper connection to healing that had been missing for so long. I feel confident, and proud to continue my recovery journey."

"Kimberley is always willing to share her knowledgeable and insightful experience. In addition, her calm and reassuring demeanor provides a supportive environment for new ideas and thoughts to be safely expressed and developed."

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