George Saleh


Specialist Ophthalmic & Oculoplastic Surgeon

Consultant - Ophthalmic & Oculoplastic Surgery

Mr George Saleh is a Consultant Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital based at the Bedford Unit and the Cataract Surgical Lead. He holds an honorary contract with the Luton & Dunstable Hospital and draws regional referrals for watery eyes, eyelids, cancer and cosmetic work. Also, he undertakes intraocular refractive work with premium IOLs.

Mr Saleh brings a wealth of experience to his patients, being a specialist in cataract removal, oculoplastics and general eye surgery, in addition to caring a personable attitude towards patients, providing excellent clinical care to all clinics.

Throughout his career, Mr Saleh has been continually auditing his results, which shows that success rates are equal to or better than internationally published data.

Mr Saleh is the UK lead on the International Council of Ophthalmology’s Cataract Assessment Taskforce through which he worked in developing cataract tools that are being adopted in many parts of the world.

Primary investigator in the International Simulation Study for virtual reality cataract surgical training, he heads up several teams in investigations for novel technologies relating to eye surgery and has received grants for work on eyelid surgery, cataract surgery, general ophthalmology, amongst others.

Qualified in Medicine from Imperial College, London, Mr Saleh also underwent basic specialist training in Ophthalmology in the London and the East Anglia Regions before completing his higher specialist training at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Mr Saleh was awarded the Gold Medal as the most distinguished candidate for the clinical and surgical Ophthalmic Fellowship Examination, and during his undergraduate studies, he was awarded the highest first-class distinction for the BSc.

Afterwards, he undertook an extended subspecialty fellowship in oculoplastic and lacrimal surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital, focusing on conditions such as lid lumps, tumours, malpositions, watery eyes, and lacrimal problems along with orbitofacial cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation.

The consultant has also lectured widely nationally and internationally on peri-ocular facial plastics and cataract surgery.

Currently, Mr Saleh is the lead on a National Collaboration investigating tumours of the eyelid and surrounding tissues.


"When I realised I had cataracts in both eyes that needed surgery my main concern was to find an outstanding surgeon. Mr Saleh has been excellent in every way. He clearly explained the challenges of fixing my extremely long sighted eyes and the outcome he hoped to deliver. The surgery on both occasions went superbly well. Post surgery my eyes were comfortable, no analgesics needed. Since then the clarity has improved and I am delighted with the result. At all times Mr Saleh & his team were kind, courteous and efficient."

"I had lens replacement surgery - after a lifetime of poor vision my prescription were always very high +8 which meant heavy lenses and not being able to see without my glasses and contact lenses were becoming a problem due to dry eyes. So I did my research and found George Saleh who said he could help. The surgery has been hugely successful I need glasses for distance -1.75. I am delighted and cannot express my gratitude enough this has changed my life. And he such a nice man - I needed lots of reassurance because I was scared and he gave it"

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