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        UltraPulse Co2 Laser

        152 Harley Street is proud to offer some of the most advanced treatments on the market, performed by our highly trained and skilled Consultant Dermatologists and clinicians. One of our most popular treatments is laser skin resurfacing.

        Laser resurfacing is a highly effective and popular method used to treat a range of skin conditions and concerns. At 152 Harley Street, we have what is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in CO2 lasers called the UltraPulse by Lumenis. UltraPulse technology was introduced more than 18 years ago and has proven itself with over 34 FDA cleared indications. With its long history of fractional capabilities, UltraPulse has led the way in fractional skin resurfacing and remains to be the most versatile and sophisticated CO2 laser in the world. Due to the variable intensities that UltraPulse is capable of delivering, the system can treat patients who are not only seeking overall skin rejuvenation, but can also effectively treat more dramatic conditions such as burns and scars. It is also the best treatment available for deep wrinkles.

        Our Consultant Dermatologists are all experts in the use of the UltraPulse Laser in London and in treating scars (including acne scars), burns and other complex skin conditions, in addition to cosmetic applications such as wrinkle reduction.

        “Improve fine lines, deep wrinkles, scarring & skin tone & texture in one single treatment”

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        Laser Resurfacing For Scars and Burns

        When the skin has been injured, burned or compromised in some form, a person can be left with a scar. Scars can cause not only aesthetic concerns, but also emotional and psychological trauma. Scars come in many different forms including…

        - Hypertrophic
        - Keloid
        - Atrophic
        - Flat
        - Pale
        - Ice Pick (mainly in acne scars)
        - Stretch Marks
        - Rolling (mainly in acne scars)
        - Boxcar (mainly in acne scars or post chickenpox)
        - Contractures

        Scars result from a chaotic wound healing response, leaving behind fibrotic tissue due to irregular collagen formation. In order for the skin to repair, a controlled injury needs to take place, which allows for the breakdown of scar tissue and encourages the body to produce collagen, which helps uniform the skin and improve the texture, tone and movement. Ultrapulse Laser is an excellent and highly effective treatment option for scars.

        How does Ultrapulse treatment work?

        Pulses are delivered into selected layers of the skin, which immediately work to remove dead skin cells and promote cell regrowth. Due to the heat energy that’s caused during treatment, UltraPulse also stimulates collagen production, which helps to tighten and tone the skin, but at the same time break down scar tissue and significantly improve movement in the area being treated, for patients who undergo the higher setting treatment.

        Why choose Ultrapulse?

        With UltraPulse by Lumenis, our Consultant Dermatologists can offer you dramatic results on a range of skin concerns. The different hand pieces affect different layers of your skin, depending on your specific needs and concerns. There are 3 different settings on the “fractional” mode of UltraPulse Laser:

        ActiveFX is the mildest setting on the UltraPulse Laser. It works by targeting pigmentation and surface imperfections on the top layer of the skin. It is a highly effective treatment for reducing pore size, fine lines and wrinkles and even for fine lines around the eyes and mouth. It is still ablative in its approach, which means it creates a ‘controlled wound’ to the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing processes and accelerating natural collagen production and cell regeneration.

        DeepFX works by producing a pulse that penetrates deep into the lower part of the skin called the dermis. This stimulates collagen production in the skin, helping to improve the condition and appearance of damaged and scarred skin that may have been caused by acne, burns or other injury.

        TotalFX is a combination of the Active and DeepFX handpieces used in the same session. It works by completely resurfacing the skin and is the ultimate treatment for severely damaged or scarred skin or for deep wrinkles.

        With all 3 different UltraPulse settings, the laser pulse ablates a column of tissue causing volumetric skin reduction. The ablation removes skin surface discolorations and deposits heat deep into the dermis. Deep heating causes immediate collagen contraction and stimulates long-term collagen restructuring.

        How many sessions of Ultrapluse will I need and how far apart?

        How many sessions depends on your individual skin concerns and requirements. UltraPulse treatment is usually performed just once, but if subsequent treatments are required, then this will be identified and discussed during your initial consultation with one of our Consultant Dermatologists.

        Am I a suitable candidate for Ultrapulse treatment?

        UltraPulse laser can be used for the treatment of many different concerns. If you are seeking smoother, more youthful looking skin or have a scar or burn that you wish to reduce the appearance of and regain movement in that area, then you are most likely going to be a suitable candidate. Your full suitability will be ascertained during your initial consultation.

        What areas can be treated?

        The most common areas are the face and chest, though it is possible for many other areas to be treated and this can be discussed during your initial consultation at 152 Harley Street.

        Who will perform my Ultrapulse treatment?

        Your treatment will be performed by one of our world-renowned, expert Consultant Dermatologists who are highly experienced and trained in the use of UltraPulse laser. Always check the credentials and training of your laser practitioner before going ahead with any treatment.

        What is 'fractional' laser treatment?

        Fractional laser treatment is the term given for a laser beam that is ‘fractionated’ or ‘pixilated’ to allow colums of heat to injure the skin in a controlled fashion leaving bridges of intact skin in between. This leads to faster recovery and a higher safety profile. The advantage of this unique laser (UltraPulse) is that it can operate in both a ‘fractional’ way as well as a traditional “full resurfacing” way when required.

        Does the treatment hurt?

        All UltraPulse laser treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic. In the majority of cases, a topical application of a numbing cream will be sufficient, however in selected cases, our Consultant Dermatologists may need to inject the area with anaesthesia in addition to the local anaesthetic cream. Once anaesthesia is established, the procedure should not be painful, but you might experience a warm sensation. In cases of severe heat sensation, cooling with cold air can be used.

        What is the recovery period?

        Due to the ablative nature of UltraPulse, we advise patients to take some time post-treatment to recover. Some redness, flaking and inflammation is to be expected, however you will receive comprehensive aftercare and advice from our expert clinical team and receive follow-up appointments to check your progress. It isn’t essential that you take time off work following treatment, though some patients prefer to do this depending on the area treated.

        When will I see results?

        The results take time to become apparent and depend largely on the condition treated. Lumps will be immediately removed, however the area can appear red for a few weeks. Surface pigmentation will clear as soon as the skin peeling is completed (usually 1 week), however fine lines, wrinkles and texture can take 3-6 months for optimal results.

        How much will it cost?

        The cost of treatment depends on the area or areas being treated and you will be given a full quote for any potential treatment during and following your initial consultation with one of our expert Consultant Dermatologists. Please contact us on 0207 467 3000 for further information & pricing and to book your initial consultation. We are here to help.