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Please kindly be aware that following a full assessment, we will work with you to achieve the most appropriate and holistic scar treatment plan for you.

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Do you have any photos that you would like to attach of the scar? An image can give us a lot of useful information on how to best help you; please attach 2 if possible (maximum 5 mb each)

Scar photo guidelines
    When taking your photo, please consider the following…

  • The light – best taken with good, natural light rather than artificial light or camera flash.
  • The area – take a photo of the scar only as we don’t need to see anything else, unless the scar is affecting surrounding tissue or joints. If your scar affects your movement or distorts surrounding skin, such as the movement of your facial features at rest or when you smile or move joints, then please include a photo of the movement affected.
  • Take a photo that best demonstrates your main concern about the scar, for example, if you don’t like the texture of the scar then try to take a photo from an angle, so we are able to see the texture of the scar clearly.
  • Take a photo at the closest focus possible, for example a close up.
  • If The London Scar Clinic team needs to see further photos for clarity, we will let you know what we need.
  • Your images are kept securely & will only be used to share with our scar clinic team, regarding your care.