The London Scar Clinic at 152 Harley Street

We are delighted to introduce The London Scar Clinic at 152 Harley Street. We have assembled a multidisciplinary group of Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Consultant Dermatologists, Allied Clinicians and Nursing Staff to offer an holistic approach to the treatment of scars.

We are one of the only specialist scar treatment centres in london that offer a range of specialists under one roof and who work closely together to ensure the best possible treatment plan for each individual.

Scar treatments include:

• Scar consultations
• Plastic and cosmetic surgery
• Dermatology
• Children’s scar management
• Psychology and counselling services
• Make up and scar camouflage
• Scar massage
• Manual lymphatic drainage
• Pressure prosthetics and custom made pressure garments
• Cosmeceuticals
• Medical tattooing

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